Nathan is  devoted to protecting regular people from unreasonable government regulation and intrusion. He graduated cum laude from Ripon College with an A.B. in Philosophy with honors, German with honors, and Psychology. And he earned his J.D. from University of Oregon Law School.

Since the start of his work in law, Nathan has served as a judicial clerk, clerked at the Civil Liberties Defense Center, and clerked at Martin J. McKeown PC, a workers' compensation firm. He has also worked as a contract immigration attorney in Springfield, Oregon.

Nathan is licensed to practice law in Oregon, and immigration law
in any state in the U.S. He is a member of the National Lawyers
Guild, an organization of legal professionals supporting activism
and human rights in the U.S. Nathan speaks German and Dutch
fluently and has some capacity in Spanish, French, and Russian.

Outside of the office, Nathan enjoys camping, learning languages,
spending time with friends, cooking, and organizing for stronger
communities in Eugene and Springfield.